A computer program consists of instructions and data on which the instruction operates. How are the instructions of a program executed by a computer? Where are the instructions and data stored during execution? What is the role played by Input/output devices? b

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A computer program maybe consisting of various functions and computations that it needs to execute...it also consists of instructions and data.. particularly information on which it needs to operate..

there ARE many ways by which a program executes..

in a very primary way.. any program is executed by the required source compiler..
or on a larger basis.. a program is executed via a central processing unit.. usually present within the system..

a computer requires certain programs and data for its proper functioning and this is done through a computer's central processing units..
there is always a sequence in the way the cpu executes any program..

THE INSTRUCTIONS AND THE PROGRAM DATA.. WHILE EXECUTING A PROGRAM.. are always done via the memory unit within the cpu..
thr role of input devices;
input decvices play a vital role during program execution by allowing the user to input data to the system in order to work further on it..
e.g. keyboard mouse

the role of output devices
output devices  play their role by providing a platform to the system to display the results of the executed program..they display it on the screen in hard copy as well as in soft copy
e.g. monitor , printer 

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