Ques : Describe similarities and differences between Cleanroom and OO Paradigm

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 Ans : The following are the similarities and the differences between the Cleanroom software engineering development and OO software engineering paradigm.

 Lifecycle - both rely on incremental development
 Usage - cleanroom usage model similar to OO use case
 State Machine Use - cleanroom state box and OO transition diagram
 Reuse - explicit objective in both process models

Key Differences
 Cleanroom relies on decomposition and OO relies on composition
Cleanroom relies on formal methods while OO allows informal use case definition and testing
OO inheritance hierarchy is a design resource whereas cleanroom usage hierarchy is system itself
 OO practitioners prefer graphical representations while cleanroom practitioners prefer tabular representations
 Tool support is good for most OO processes, but usually tool support is only found in cleanroom testing, not design.

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