Ques : What is Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ?

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The OECD an international organization working in the area of data privacy and information security, established an ad hoc process of meetings (the first was on 1-2 July 1997 and second on 22 October 1997) on approaches being taken in major industrial countries for the regulation of content conduct on the Internet. The meeting acknowledged the primary role of the private sector in regulating the Internet. However, at the joint OECD/Business and Industry Advisory Committee forum held on 25 March 1998 in Paris, the OECD resolved to do no further work in this area. On 19 April 2006, OECD task force on spam has recommended that Governments and industry should step up their coordination to combat the global problem of spam. It calls on governments to establish clear national anti-spam policies and give enforcement authorities more power and resources. Co-ordination and co-operation between public and private sectors are critical, the report notes.

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