Write the commands on Linux/Unix to perform the following networking tasks:

(i) change the value of MTU
(ii) shows number of hops taken to reach destination
(iii) display routing table information
(iv) shows and manipulate IP routing table

Write a shell script that searches the file contents in a directory and its sub-directories for a text string given by the user. It list all such file names having that given string and store in a temp file “example_dir” 

Explain the role and importance of following tools for quota management in Linux:

  •  quotacheck 
  •  repquota 
  •  quota 

Discuss the Users' Administration in WINDOWS 2000. What are the different types of user groups supported by Windows 2000? Discuss the scope and limitations of each group. Also, list the tools available in Windows2000 for user management.

(b) Write and run (using appropriate calling program) a near procedure in 8086 assembly language             that checks if the input parameter has a value zero or not. If the value is zero subroutines                     terminates the program else returns a value 1 in AL register.

(c) Write and run an 8086 assembly language program that finds the sum of odd placed values out of        10 consecutive byte values stored in an array in the memory. For example, if 10 consecutive byte         values (in hexadecimal) are - 12, AA, 13, AB, 14, AC, 15, AD, 16, AF, then this program should         add only value 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.
Write and run following programs using 8086 assembly language.

Write and run an Assembly language program that converts an ASCII four digit number that is stored in four consecutive byte locations into a packed BCD number that is to be stored in DX register. For example, if ASCII digits 4321 are stored in four consecutive locations then your program will convert them into packed BCD and store it in DX as (0100 0011 0010 0001)2
Design a two bit counter circuit that counts from 0 to 3. It should have states 00, 01, 10 and 11. The initial state of the counter may be assumed to be 00. The counter will be in following successive states: 00, 01, 10, 11, 00, 01, 10, 11, 00, 01, 10, 11, 00 ... Use any flip flop to design the circuit. You must design counter using state transition diagram and Karnaugh's map.
Write an interactive program which prompts the user with the following options on the opening menu to generate the pay-slips for various categories of employees working in a University:


1) Faculty (Asst. Professor, Associate Professor, Professor)
2) Non-Academic Staff
3) Consultants
4) Daily-Wagers / Skilled Workers
5) Security Personals
6) Quit

 Enter your choice: If an “1” is entered, prompt the user to take the inputs for calculating the salary for Faculty (Asst. Professor, Associate Professor, Professor) and generating the pay-slip. If “2” is entered prompt the user to take the inputs for calculating the salary for Non-Academic Staff and generating the pay-slip. If “3” is entered prompt the user to take the inputs for calculating the salary for Consultants and generating the pay-slip. If “4” is entered prompt the user to take the inputs for calculating the salary for Daily- Wagers /Skilled Workers and generating the pay-slip. If “5” is entered, prompt the user to take the inputs for calculating the salary for Security Personals. If “6” is entered, it should exit from the program. If the user enters any letters or numbers other than the choice, redisplay the prompt. All outputs should go to the terminal and all input should come from the keyboard.

 Note:(i) Give appropriate pay-scales as per 7th Pay Commission for Faculty and Non- Academic                     Staff of the University. Assumptions can be made for others wherever necessary.
(ii) You must execute the program and submit the program logic, sample input and output along with         the necessary documentation for this question. 

Give geometric representation for followings:

i) { -3} x R
ii) {1, -2) x ( 2, -3) 

How many ways are there to distribute 10 district objects into 4 distinct boxes with:

i) At least two empty box.
ii) No empty box.

How many words can be formed using letter of DEPARTMENT using each letter at most once?
 i) If each letter must be used,
 ii) If some or all the letters may be omitted.

There are two mutually exclusive events A and B with P(A) =0.5 and P(B) = 0.4. Find the probability of followings:
i) A and B both occur
ii) Both A and B does not occur 
How many different committees can be formed of 10 professionals, each containing at least 2 Project Managers, at least 3 Team Leaders and 1 Vice President. 

Write the following statements in the symbolic form.
 i) Some students can not appear in exam.
ii) Everyone can not sing. 

 Draw a Venn diagram to represent followings: (2 Marks)
 i) (A ∪ B ∩ C) ∪ (B ∩ C ∪ D)
 ii) (A ∪ B ∩ C) ∩ (C~A) ∩ (A ∪ C)
 Make truth table for followings:

 i) p→ (~ q ∨ ~ r) ∧ (p ∨ r)
ii) p→(~ r ∧ q) ∧ (p ∧ ~ q)
You are the General Manager (Human Resource Development) of the company. You want to talk about the effective ways of making good presentations to the Sales staff. Use the following points to write the body of your presentation.
 How good presentations can benefit your company.
 How speakers should prepare before giving presentations
 The qualities of a good speaker
 How a speaker can keep the attention of the audience
 The effective use of visual aids in presentations
Every Diwali a company gives its customers gifts ranging from diaries and calendars to silver items. The financial manager says it’s too expensive and wants to stop the practice. The sales manager disagrees. Write a dialogue between the two, stating each person’s point of view. 
The following sentences are in the passive voice. Change them into the active voice. (5 Marks)

i They were told to complete the work on time.
ii The race was won by a student of Himalaya School.
iii A good speech is always remembered. iv The father was depressed after hearing the news that his son had failed the exam. v He was told he would be invited to speak later. 
Here is a phone conversation. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate modals: (5 Marks)

Shreya: Hello, ………………….. I speak to Atul.
Atul: Hi! Shreya. This is Atul on the line. What ………..I do for you?
Sherya: Hi! Good to speak to you. Please give me Shweta’s telephone no.
Atul: Of course! I ……………have to get it from my mobile phone.
Shreya: No problem, I ……………hold on.
Atul: Oh, I ……………have to check it from my diary. I’ll Whatsapp it to you. 
You are Divya/Vishwas. You have just completed your Master’s Degree in Computer Application. You have seen an advertisement for the post of Trainee (Technical) at Express Technologies. Write an application to the company. Include details of your qualification and other interests. 
Write a paragraph in about 150 words on any one of the following:                          (10 Marks)

i Your dream job
ii Is this an age of excessive technology? Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your point of          view.
iii Someone you know who holds a very important job 
Write a letter introducing your company to a prospective customer. Include in it.

  •  The services/products your company offers. 
  •  Suggest that you could make a presentation about your company at a date and time convenient to your customer. 
How should a manager begin writing a marketing plan?

a) By doing market research outside the company.
b) By looking at information produced by other companies.
c) By analyzing procedures already used by the company.
d) By finding information from many different sources. 
Good marketing procedures would allow a manager

a) To take different courses of action.
b) To do less work than others.
c) To avoid unforeseen problems.
d) To give more responsibility to others.
Why are marketing plans not written down by many managers?

a) They don’t have time to do it.
b) They know it would be difficult to do.
c) They spend their time on more important things.
d) They don’t think it is really necessary. 
Pick one from the options given against each question ?
The amount of money spent on marketing by most companies each year

a) Equals the amount spent on capital equipment. 10
b) Does not give a good return on the investment.
c) Is not based on an assessment of its potential value.
d) Is viewed by these companies as an important business investment. 
Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following:

i Examining/studying all details (para 1)
ii Buying (para 1)
iii Necessary (para 2)
iv Important/precious (para 3)
v A special instinctive aptitude for doing something well (last para)

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
Every market activity is an investment in time, energy and money. Few companies would spend a large sum of money on, say, a purchase of capital equipment without a full investigation into why it is needed, the choices available, and the expected return on what has been spent. Yet every year the vast majority of companies invest a large amount of money in marketing actions without knowing what their financial worth to the company or likely return will be. By introducing the discipline arising from market planning, a company should be able to ensure that the costs of marketing planning show a reasonable return and are calculated in the same way as all other business investments. Many managers believe that the costs of marketing form an additional expense that has to be accepted in order to sell their goods. Whilst it is true that many companies use certain tools of marketing for this purpose, it is also true that the most successful companies accept marketing as an essential part of the company’s total commercial operation, for it is an essential cost in the same way as production or finance. Companies often avoid planning marketing procedures in detail because of the effort needed to express their forward policy in a written form. Managers commonly consider that their time is too valuable to spend on anything other than urgent operational problems. In fact, the manager who spends his time on dealing with current administrative detail is almost certain to have ignored proper planning in the past. For, if properly prepared, the marketing plan will contain sufficient details of the company’s policy and operational strategy for the work to be done by an assistant. As the many alternative courses of action are programmed, the assistant takes any action or decisions which are appropriate. Only unusual situations need be dealt with by the manager. The first step in preparing a marketing plan is that of producing the information necessary for decision making. Usually, a company will have within its own administration and control system the raw material necessary for the plan’s 9 foundations. In addition, there is plenty of published information which is made available by government departments, institutions and the press. Marketing research is yet to be fully exploited by the majority of companies. It has so far only been used by companies that have recognized that their existing information sources are inadequate. Because of the scale of operations that now confronts the typical businessman, it is essential that investment decisions are based upon relevant information, so reducing the business risk. For a marketing-oriented activity to produce lasting results, the entire operation has to be systematically planned. By producing basic information in written form and establishing aims for the future, the company is creating standards against which actual performance can be measured. Documentation of detailed policy actions then provides the basis for controlling the company’s operation. Future trends may be predicted through the investigation of all factors likely to influence company results. A good marketing plan is therefore essential to a company’s successful development, but so is an effective marketing manager. He must be capable of identifying the parameters for market research and interpreting the data produced so that he can quantify the existing and potential needs of customers. Someone with an eye for style in packaging and product promotion is also a valuable asset. In an ideal world, the manager would possess all these abilities; however, they may be useless if not combined with the real love of and natural flair for the job which allow him sometimes to ignore the rational evidence and act instinctively
Explain the following in the context of 8086 Microprocessor .

(i) The supported memory in 8086 is 1 MB whereas instruction offset is only 16 bits
(ii) Processing of Interrupts using IVT
(iii) Indirect addressing modes of 8086 microprocessor
 Write a program using 8086 assembly Language (with proper comments) that passes AL register value as parameter to a near procedure named DIVZERO, which checks if this passed AL value is zero or not. In case this value is ZERO program is terminated, otherwise same value is returned in AL register. Make suitable assumptions, if any.
Write a program using 8086 assembly Language (with proper comments) that accepts four characters entered using the keyboard. It checks if all these characters are decimal digits. If all of them are decimal digits, then program calculates the equivalent hexadecimal value of the four digit number that has been input. The program then displays this hexadecimal number on the screen. Make suitable assumptions, if any. 
A RISC machine has 128 registers out of which 32 registers are reserved for the Global variables and 32 for Instruction related tasks. This machine has been designed to have 8 registers for storing two input parameters, two output parameters and four local variables for function call. Explain with the help of a diagram, how the overlapped register window can be implemented in this machine for function/procedure calls. You must explain how the parameters will be passed when a function calls another function. How many levels of calls such a machine can support?

Assume that you have a machine as shown in section 3.2.2 of Block 3 having the micro-operations as given in Figure 10 on page 62 of Block 3. Consider that R1 and R2 both are 8 bit registers and contains 01111011 and 10000100 respectively. What will be the values of select inputs, carry-in input and result of operation (including carry out bit) if the following micro-operations are performed? (For each micro-operation you may assume the initial value of R1 and R2 as given above)

(i) Subtract R2 from R1with borrow
(ii) Exclusive OR of R1 and R2
(iii)Shift Left R1 twice
(iv)Increment R1
A computer has a single core processor having 8 General purpose registers and 8 additional special purpose registers. The machine has 64 KB RAM. The size of each register and memory word is 16 bits each. An instruction of the machine is of fixed length and is equal to two memory words. Each instruction of the machine has two operands – one memory operand and second register operand. Memory operand uses direct addressing; however, register operand can use either register direct or register indirect addressing. (Please note that if register operand uses indirect addressing, then stated register contains the address of the operand in the memory.) An instruction of a machine consists of operation code bits, One addressing mode bit and one register operand and one memory operand. The addressing mode bit specifies addressing mode as:

 Addressing mode bit |Register Operand | Memory Operand 
     0                                    Indirect                     Direct
     1                                    Direct                        Direct

Five of the special purpose registers perform the task as Program Counter (PC), Accumulator (AC), Memory Address Register (MAR), Data Register (DR) and Flag registers (FR). The size of Integer operands on the machine may be assumed to be of equal to size of accumulator register. In order to execute instructions the machine has an Instruction Register (IR) of size 32 bits as each instruction is of this size. Perform the following tasks for the machine.

(i) Design suitable instruction formats for the machine. Specify the size of different fields that are needed in the instruction format. Also indicate how many different operations can be coded for this machine. Give reasons in support of your answer. (3 Marks)

(ii) Put some valid values in certain registers and memory locations and demonstrate examples of different addressing modes of this machine. (1 Mark)

(iii)Assuming that the instructions are first fetched to Instruction Register (IR) and memory operands is brought to DR register; indirect operand is brought to AC; and result of operation is stored in the AC register; write and explain the sequence of micro-operations that are required for fetch cycle and execute cycle of an instruction which performs addition of two operands having addressing mode bits as 0. Please note that one of the operand is Indirect Register Operand and the second is a direct memory operand. Make and state suitable assumptions, if any.
Explain the following giving their uses and advantages/disadvantages. (Word limit for answer of each part is 50 words ONLY.

(i) Memory Interleaving (ii) RAID
(iii) IDE interface
(iv) CAV and CLV in the context of disks
(v) Passive and Active matrix display
(vi) Advantages and disadvantages of Ink-jet printers
Assume that a disk has 1000 tracks with each track having 64 sectors and each sector is of size 512 K. A file having the name bcamca.txt is of size 16 M. Assume that disk has four free continuous clusters of 8 sectors each. How can this file be given the space on the disk? Also show the content of FAT after the space allocation to this file. You may make suitable assumptions. You may assume the cluster size as 2 sectors, if needed. 
What is the need of DMA in a Computer? How is DMA different than that of Interrupt driven I/O technique? Assume that a new computer supports few bytes of input from multiple user's, which of the three I/O techniques is most suitable for this computer? Justify your answer.
A computer has 1 MB RAM and has a word size of 16 bits. It has cache memory having 8 blocks having a block size of 32 bits. Show how the main memory address 0001 1001 1110 1101 0001 will be mapped to cache address, if
(i) Direct cache mapping is used
(ii) Associative cache mapping is used
(iii)Two way set associative cache mapping is used. 
A RAM has 1M rows each having 16 cells:

(i) How many data input and data output lines does this RAM needs? Explain your answer.
(ii) What is the capacity of RAM in bytes.
(iii) How many address lines are needed for this RAM? Give reason in support of your answer.
What is floating point number? What is the difference between Single precision and double precision floating point numbers? What is a representation for Zero in IEEE 754 single precision standard. Represent (-23456.05)10 and (0.00025)10 in IEEE 754 single precision format.
Design a two bit down counter (a sequential circuit). The counter states are 11, 10, 01, 00, 11, 10, 01, 00, 11…You should show the state table, state diagram, the k-map for circuit design and logic diagram of the resultant design using D flipflop or J-K flip flop.
What is the need of a parity bit? Explain with the help of an example. How many parity bits are needed to detect and correct a single bit error in a 8-bit data? Explain the process of correction of Single bit error with the help of an example which is not from your Unit.
Design a circuit for the following function: F(A, B, C, D) = Σ (2,3,4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13) Draw the truth table. Use the Karnaugh's map to design the circuit and draw it using AND, OR and NOT gates.
Perform the following conversion of numbers:

i) Decimal (56789123)10 to binary and hexadecimal
ii) Hexadecimal (ABCDEF0)H into Octal.
iii) ASCII string “Subject: Computer %$ Sc.” into UTF 8 string
iv) Octal (345123)O into Decimal 
What are fixed point numbers in a computer system? Why are negative fixed point numbers represented in complement form? Give examples of fixed point numbers (positive as well as negative) assuming the size of the notation to be 8 bits (including sign bit). Perform the following arithmetic operations using signed 2’s complement 8 bit representation. (Please note that the numbers given below are in decimal notation)
i) Add –30 and –98
ii) Subtract –79 from 45 Please indicate overflow if it is occurs. Explain how have you identified the overflow?
Write an interactive C program for each to illustrate the following concepts.

(a)Enumerated data type
(b) Macros in C
(c) typedef
(d) Goto statement
(e) Break statement

Write a C program to generate the following pattern.
1 2
1 2 3
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4 5
Write an algorithm and its corresponding C program to generate students’ Progress-Report for VIII standard (section of 20 students) of a CBSE school for all its 4 terms. Use Structures concept. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary. 

Perform the following procedures in Excel and complete your worksheet (20 Marks) Create a worksheet containing monthly expenditure on purchase of household items , rent payment , mobile recharge , electricity and cable TV with proper headings. Make assumptions about expenditures. There is a provision of discount of 15 % over the purchase of Rs. 6000 of purchasing. The worksheet should contain monthly income, monthly expenditure listed and summed, total discount, , left over amount each month and the amount left over per day (assume 30 days in a month)

Imagine that you want to have an appointment with doctors for a regular check-up in a hospital . You are required to make a schedule, make a contact list of all the doctors, send an e-mail , take an on-line appointments , pay the consultation fees in advance, book a taxi. Write all the options available to fulfill the task in Outlook.

 Make a marketing presentation of any 4G mobile phone with at least 10 slides highlighting technical features of the brand. Use different customized animation effects on pictures and Clip Art on any four of the 10 slides. All slides should have slide notes. Write speaker notes for each slide .

A young child is flying a kite which is at height of 50 m. The wind is carrying the kite horizontally away from the child at a speed of 6.5 m/s. How fast must the kite string be let out when the string is 130m ?

 Evaluate the determinant given below, where 𝜔 is a cube root of unity. 
1 𝜔 𝜔2
𝜔 𝜔2 1
𝜔2 1 𝜔

Explain the following in the context of Internet and its applications.
(i) Security threats on Internet
(ii) E-learning processes
You want to find about the Universities that offer Programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology but does not offer programmes in Medical Science. Make efficient query or queries that will show the desired result as above. Also explain the activities performed by a search engine.

A new company which supplies food packets in a locality has to set up a network in its sales office employing 10 parallel ordering stations. It has a large number of person who supplies the food packet at the destination (maximum distance 2 kms from the office). What kind of network the company should make for its sales office? Justify your answer.
Explain the following terms in the context of computer networks:
i) Message switching     ii) Simplex transmission 
iii) Optical Fiber            iv) Radio wave transmission.
List which of the software will be required for the following situation. Explain the steps that are needed to be performed in order to solve the situation in question. (i) You need to send invitation to about 200 students for a workshop. (ii) A software project has to be managed such that there is no delay. (iii)Student data and their marks are to be stored such that any query may be made on the data easily. (iv) You need to show the visual form of data about the progress of an organisation.
Explain the purpose of each segment marked
(i) to (vi) of the following program. What this program will do? (i) int i; int marks[20];
(ii) for (i=0; i<20; i++) {
(iii) printf (“Enter the number”); scanf (“%d”, &marks [i];
(iv)if (marks[i] < 40) printf("Not Successful");
(v) if (marks[i] >= 40) && (marks[i] < 60)) printf("Passed in Second Division);
(vi)if (marks[i] >= 60 printf("Passed in First Division); }

Differentiate between the following.

(i) Kernel of an Operating system and Non-resident portion of Operating system
(ii) Command line interface and Graphical user interface of Operating system
(iii)Multiprogramming and Multitasking (iv) Computer Virus and Computer Worms
Explain the features and uses of the following in the context of computer software and programming: (i) Assembler      (ii) Interpreter
(iii)Subroutine    (iv)Function 
What is a file and directory in the context of a computer? What are the activities involved in the file management? Explain how file management is different than the Memory Management.
Explain the Internet Based Software Architecture with the help of a block diagram. How is this architecture different than that of 3-tier client server architecture? Explain
(i) Inkjet printer       (ii) Power Connecter
(iii)Video Card         (iv)Magnetic Stripe Reader
(i) SRAM and DRAM      (ii) USB and Serial Port
(iii)Joystick and Mouse    (iv)Projection displays and LED display

(i) Decimal 198.25 into binary and hexadecimal
(ii) Decimal 444566 into binary and hexadecimal
(iii) String “Maximum Limit 500%" to ASCII and Unicode string
(iv) Hexadecimal ABCDEF to decimal and binary

(i) Control Unit                 (ii) Arithmetic Logic Unit
(iii)Ports and Connectors  (iv) Motherboard