Ques : What is Impact of SRS ?

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We have seen the positive benefits of SRS in previous section. Let us look at a scenario wherein the SRS is not properly defined and its impact on the project. This will enable us to understand the importance of SRS on the project:

• Impact on cost and schedule: Without a complete and accurate SRS, it
would be difficult to properly estimate and plan the overall cost of the
project. This would have ripple’ effect on resource staffing, milestone
planning and overall project budget. As a result the entire project schedule,
will be in jeopardy.

• Quality Impact: Incomplete requirements specification would manifest
itself into incomplete test plan and impacts the quality of all project
deliverables. This negatively impacts the project by re-testing, re-coding and
re-design efforts leading to cost and effort overruns.

• Impact on overall customer/user satisfaction: An improperly translated
user requirements would damage the customer confidence on the software
product and reduces the usability ilrrd overall satisfaction index.

• Impact on maintenance: Without proper traceability, it would be difficult
to extend the software, enhance it and to fix the issues. ‘

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