Ques : What is Identifying Components and their Interaction


 Ans : Identification Process

  1. Functionality modeling: Component identification always starts by decomposing
    the business domain problem structure into a well-defined visual model. Data flow
    diagram is one of the most popular visual models to depict function oriented
  2. Design module development: The next step is to convert individual elements in
    the DFD into a design module. During this process, the design modules need to be
    designed to ensure high cohesion and loose inter-module coupling. The modules
    that perform similar kind of functionalities and processes qualify for the main
    design module. Design modules would then become key function component.
  3. Sub function development: The main functions need to be broken down into sub
    functions. Utilities such as, data validation, data conversion, information Jogging
    would be good candidates for sub-functions.
  4. Interaction modeling: The input and output elements from DFD can be used to
    design the interactions between functions.

Component and Stage Mapping
The following table indicates the component/association identified at each level of the

          Stage                                                                                       Component! Association
Functional modeling                                                                                 Data flow diagram
Design module development                                                                    High level function
Sub function development                                                                            Sub functions
Interaction modeling                                                                               Input and output data


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