Ques: What is benefits of SRS ?

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 • Forms the basis of agreement between customers and suppliers about ,

the software functionality: SRS serves as a structured contract between these parties specifying all functionalities along with constraints and mentions the behavior of the intended software. End user/customer can verify if the intended software meets all the needs and requirements stated in user requirements document.

• Optimizes development effort: 
As the requirements are fully specified beforehand, the implementation team can design the system accurately
thereby reducing the effort in re-design, re-work, re-testing and defect fixing.

• Forms basis for cost and schedule estimation: Using the functional and' non-functional requirements specified in SRS, the project management team can estimate the overall project cost and schedule in more accurate fashion
and make informed decisions about risk identification and mitigation.

• Forms basis for verification and validation: Quality team can design the validation and testing strategy including various kinds of test cases based on the requirements specified in SRS.

• Helps software portability and installation: The software usability information contained in SRS helps to transfer the software across various locations including multiple inter-company departments and other external customers.

• Helps in enhancement: As SRS specifies each requirement in fullest details, it would be easier to assess the impact of any enhancement planned providing the cost and schedule estimate of the enhancement

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