Describe scope of M-Commerce

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 Mobile Banking: This application makes it possible to perform bank-related transactions

such as checking account status, transferring money and selling stocks, via mobile
devices, independent of the current user location.

Mobile Entertainment: This application offers services that provide entertainment
through mobile devices such as ring tones, music and videos, gaming and chatting etc.

Mobile Information Services: This term refers to mobile services that provide
subscribers with content that provides information. Examples of such services are news
updates of any nature (finance, politics, sport, etc.), travel information, access to search
engines and Mobile Office (e-mails, appointments, etc.).

Mobile Marketing: This term refers to services based on mobile communication
'technologies that provide firms with new and innovative instruments to increase sales,
. win and retain customers, improve after-sales service, build and sustain a positive and
modem image/brand and carry market research.

Mobile Shopping: This application bundles services that allow for of transactions
involving purchase of goods using mobile devices. The user can purchase products by
choosing them from a catalogue accessible from a mobile device.

Mobile Ticketing: All services that must be paid for, before a lawful utilization can take
place, are suitable for Mobile ticketing such as travelling in public transport, entry to a
cultural event or cinema. This application ensures that the user can purchase a right to
utilization/ticket with a mobile device, replacing the conventional paper ticket. The ticket
is sent in digital form to the mobile device.

Telematics Services: Telematics is an artificial term that refers to innovative
technologies that link telecommunication technologies with informatics. The transport
segment has been the primary area of this application, which is also known as Intelligent
Transport System (ITS). The main services are for navigation systems, remote diagnosis
as well as access to other mobile applications such as mobile entertainment, mobile
content/office, mobile banking and mobile shopping.

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