Ques : Describe E-Shop

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 E-shop is also referred to as e-website or virtual store. It allows the customers to purchase

goods from various sellers using Internet. E-shop can be of any type (B2B, B2C, C2C)
and size. The aim of e-shop is to provide a global, reliable, 24 x 7 web based effective
sales management system. The e-shop interface has following features:

Product tree: It helps users in finding necessary product(s).

Tables: User can easily manage the table data such as sorting, filtering and
viewing table data.

E-shop has several features to ensure that customer's e-commerce experience is
comfortable and easy, efficient, dependable and secure. The following are some of the
features a e-shop:

Ease of navigation: Effective navigation is very important and critical for
e-shops because lost visitors will result in lost sales. Large sites have huge
range of products and have to be more careful as finding a product of choice
is a big task. Sufficient user testing will be extremely useful for identifying
potential navigational issues.

Shopping cart, login and search options: An e-shop without these features
is of no use. Many e-shops provide private accounts to customers so that
they can check their order history. Also, such customers get special discount
offers or can participate in different promotions or sale. Search options are
essential for finding suitable products for customers by customers,
specifically in large websites.

Deals, freebies and free shipping: people generally tend to buy more
during sales and discounted periods. Some are also attracted by free
shipping. So making eye-catching banners with discount offers on the upper
part of home page of e-shop website will lead to increase in sales.

Payment system Icons: E-shops have many customers from round the
globe and each have their own preferred payment system ranging from
credit & debit card, gift vouchers and cash on delivery, etc. These options
always display the delivery and after sales terms and conditions.

Links from social media: Almost 30% of online purchases are
accomplished after surfing through social media sites such as Twitter and
Face book. They are good options as customers are inclined by public
opinion also.

Phone numbers and online chats: The customer help line numbers and
online chat with customers to clear queries are highly appreciated forms of
value added customer service since E-shops are working 24 x 7 and
customer service can solve majority of pre-sales and after sales questions.

Store finder: This feature is useful and must for E-shops that have wide
dealer network. Many international customers prefer to visit website to find
nearest branch as well as for information but prefer to visit nearest store

Trust marks: Trust marks are small images or a logo that shows a security
guarantee .by an external party indicating that it is safe to shop onsite. Some
of these trust marks come from Verisign, TRUSTe, McAfee, etc.

Apart from trust marks, a clear design, easy menu and submenus, detailed product
descriptions and clear images of products along with user review are also very important
to build reputation of E-sh

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