Ques : What is advantage and disadvantage of Electronic Newspaper ?

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 Electronic newspaper is the newspaper which exists on the Internet either separately or as

online version of a printed periodical. Online newspapers are becoming more and more
popular to news readers who are Internet savvy. Electronic newspaper is normally called


The following are advantages of electronic newspapers:

• It.is accessible 24 x 7. Online newspapers can be read anywhere, any time.
•. Content can be updated any number of times in a day by the online
• The reader can select the news of interest and leave the rest.
•Some e-papers are free.
• It ,is environmental friendly than getting a printed newspaper.
• there is no cluttering in the home.
• It is a reliable source of news information as it is updated at regular
• It is available to reader before the print version is available due to time
consumed in shipping.
• Archives are easily available.


The following is an important disadvantage of online newspaper:

• A newspaper company should be prepared for reduced revenues if it
provides e-paper free of cost.

There are a number of online newspapers available on the Internet which provides up to
date news and in depth coverage. With the access of Internet on tablets, smart phones etc.
and coupled with the fact that tech savvy people spend significant amounts of time
online, popularity of e-papers is increasing rapidly. http://www.thehindu.com ,

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