Ques : What is E-Visibility

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 Being able to stand out and getting customers is very challenging task in the ever

growing global market when too many e-commerce sites are competing for the same
target customers. The following are some of the strategies to increase e-visibility of your
e-commerce website:

• Increasing traffic: It is essential for your site to regularly post on social .
networking sites. It is paramount to create and maintain your brand
positioning in order to survive. It is essential to remember that anything out
of sight of customer will be out ofhislher mind. This can be improved by
taking the following measures:

(i) Uploading contents like special offers, news, pictures, phrases, any
eye catering information for the regular followers.
(ii) Knowledge about competitions, doing research and checking what the
competitors are uploading, their offers and number of posts are they

• Easy URL: The website URL must be simple and catchy so that can be
easily remembered. At the same time, name should be sensible that it can be
guessed and easily remembered by users.

• Adding icons of social networks: It helps user/followers and other potential
customers to know about your site and business.

• Advertising: Word of mouth marketing is more powerful than ever but even
the conventional way of advertising using media such as TV, newspapers,
etc. In fact, they play significant role in increasing visibility. The consumers
have always trusted recommendations and advice from friends and peers
more than they do on brand advertisement. So taking advantage of the
power of supporters of your brand can also be useful.

• Social empire optimization: It is a process of imposing the visibility of
website in the search engine's search results. The higher appearance of your
website in the search engine, the higher the probability of increase of
number of customer.

The following are some of the techniques that need to be followed to improve visibility:

• Optimizing the contents of website.

• Including list of key words related to your work on all your pages.

• . Using buttons of social networks on your website.

Search engines are classified into two categories.

Crawler based search engine: These search engines called robot or bat,
generally index sites based on the content and links to your website. Google
and Alta vista are examples. The exact method of ranking the website by
crawler based search engine is kept confidential as rules keep on changing
with time.

Human powered directories: These are actually compiled by human
reviewers who examine and evaluate description of website and then they
rate the contents using their own criteria. Normally, this type of combination
is done for listing by paid search engines.

Link popularity: Link popularity is a key factor for increasing ranking of
web pages. It refers to the number and quality oflinks that point to website.

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