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Various approaches are available for development of Information Systems. They are:

Model Driven: It emphasizes the drawing of pictorial system models to document
and validate both existing and/or proposed systems. Ultimately, the system model
becomes the blueprint for designing and constructing an improved system.

Accelerated approach: A prototyping approach emphasizes the construction of
model of a system. Designing and building a scaled-down but functional version
of the desired system is known as Prototyping. A prototype is a working system
that is developed to test ideas and assumptions about the new system. It consists
of working software that accepts input, perform calculations, produces printed or
display information or perform other meaningful activities.

Joint Application Development: It is defined as a structured approach in which
users, managers, and analysts work together for several days in a series of
intensive meetings to specify or review system requirements. In this approach,
requirements are identified and design details are finalized.


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