Ques : Comparison between Analog and Digital system

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Ans :

Signals are records waveforms as they are.
Signal occupies the same order of spectrum as
the analog data.
Converts analog waveforms into set of numbers
and records them. The numbers are converted
into voltage stream for representation. In case of
binary it is converted in 1’s and 0’s.
In analog systems electronic circuits are used
for transformation of signals.
In this transformation is done using logic
About Noise analog signals are more likely to
get affected and results in reducing accuracy
Digital signals are less affected, because noise
response are analog in nature
Analog signal is a continuous signal which
transmits information as a response to changes
in physical phenomenon.
Digital signals are discrete time signals
generated by digital modulation.
Data transmission is not of high qualityData transmission has high quality.
Analog devices are not very precise.Digital systems are very precise.

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