Ques : Components of IoT implementation

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 IoT systems can be implemented by four components.

  1. Sensors
    Sensors are devices that are capable of collecting data from the environment. There are
    various types of sensors available –temperature sensors, pressure sensors, RFID tags,
    light intensity detectors, electromagnetic sensors, etc.

  1. Network
    Data collected from sensors are passed over the network for computations to the cloud or
    processing nodes. Depending upon the scale, they may be connected over LAN, MAN or
    WAN. They can also be connected through wireless networks like- Bluetooth, ZigBee,
    Wi-Fi, etc.

  1. Analytics
    The process of generating useful insights from the data collected by sensors is called
    analytics. Analytics when performed in real time, can have numerous applications and
    can make the IoT system efficient.

  1. Action

Information obtained after analytics must be either passed to the user using some user interface, messages, alerts, etc; or may also trigger some actions with the help of actuators. Actuators are the devices that perform some action depending on the command given to them over the network.

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