Ques : Types of Fiber optic cable connector


ST Connectors: ST stands for Straight Tip. Slotted bayonet type connector with long ferrule, a common connector for multi-mode fibers. The ST connector has been the main stay of optical fiber connectors for many years. It can be found in almost every communications room worldwide, but used mainly in data communications systems. The simple to use bayonet locking mechanism reduces the risks of accidental disconnection of fiber connections.

SC (Standard Connector) Connectors: Push/pull connector that can also be used with duplex fiber connection. The SC connector comprises a polymer body with ceramic ferrule barrel assembly plus a crimp over sleeve and rubber boot. These connectors are suitable for, 900┬Ám and 2-3mm cables. The connector is precision made to demanding specifications. The combination of a ceramic ferrule with precision polymer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance.

MT Connector: The MT-RJ connector is a development of the now legendary MT ferrule. MT stands Multi-fiber Connector. The MT ferrule in its various designs has the ability to connect anything from 2 fibers in the MTRJ to 72 fibers in the latest versions of the MPO connector.


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