Ques : What is Fog Architecture ?

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 Ans : General architecture of fog computing is composed of three layers

1.End Devices Layer - Layer 1 is composed of end devices which can be mobile devices, IoT devices, computer systems, camera, etc. Data either captured or generated from these end devices is forwarded to a nearby fog server at Layer 2 for processing.

2. Fog Layer - Layer 2 is composed of multiple fog devices or servers. They are placed at the edge of a network, between layer 1 and cloud servers. They can be implemented in devices like – switches, routers, base stations, access points or can be specially configured fog servers.

3. Cloud Layer - Layer 3 is composed of Cloud data centers. They consist of huge infrastructure - high performance servers, massive storage devices, etc. They provide all cloud benefits like- high performance, automatic backup, agility.

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