Ques : Describe E-Learning Content Development Process

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 Developing E Learning contents is a specialized activity. The quality of e-learning relates to achievements of the objectives of the content by the learners. Better quality e-learner content can be created if you follow a proper process of e-content generation.

Analysis Phase: Analysis requires identifying the learning objectives for the Applications II development of content for the target audience. This phase also lists the financial, technological and time constraints for the e-learning project. It also enables identification of the gap between the expected knowledge of the target audience and what they should know after going through the course. This facilitates the design phase.

Design Phase: In most organizations the design phase involves development of a storyboard that may include a concept flow, text, graphics, video, audio, animation if needed. In this phase you may also design the basic questions that must be answered by the learner after going through the learning content. You may also design the interface and interactivity during this step.

Implementation Phase: Implementation phase brings the design to live course material. You may take the help of various experts for this phase including content expert, graphic expert, interaction designer, web designer etc.

Verification Phase: during the Verification phase the contents so produced can be tested to determine if it is conveying what it is expected to convey. It may also be used to check the usability features of the product. You may perform verifications by e-learning experts or sample of target audience.

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