Ques : What is advantages of Fog ?

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 There are various advantages of using fog computing technology due to its architecture

1. Low latency
Fog servers provide the benefit of faster response due to its geographical location i.e. they are
located nearby from the point of data origination. It is suited for time sensitive or real-time

2. Reduce bandwidth requirements
Fog servers allow lower bandwidth consumption because data gets processed at nearby fog
servers, hence avoiding huge amounts of data to be forwarded to distant cloud servers for

3. Reduced Cost
Most of the processing is done locally at the fog layer, leading to conservation of networking
resources and hence reducing the overall cost of operations.

4. Security and Privacy

It also allows applications to be secure and private because data can be processed locally instead
of forwarding to remote centralized cloud infrastructure

5. Mobility
Fog devices are mobile. They can be easily added or removed from the network and hence offers

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