Ques : What is Moving Data and Permission ?

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 When data /files are moved from one folder to the another, what will happen to the security permission that were set to secure these files. When files that are secured on an NTFS partition, how their security settings may be altered if those files are moved. In other words, if a file is defined as having everyone - allow -Read & Execute permissions, what will happen to those permission if the file is moved to another folder? The rules in Windows 2000 regarding copying and moving files are the same as they were in Windows NT 4.0 and by default, a file will keep the permissions that are assigned to it when moving the file to another folder on the same NTFS partition. If the file is moved to another NTFS partition the file will inherit file permission of the destination folder or partition. If a file is copied to any location, it will inherit the permissions of the destination folder or partition

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