Ques : What is String Input/Output Functions

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 If we want to read a whole line in the file then each time we will need to call character input function, instead C provides some string input/output functions with the help of which we can read/write a set of characters at one time. These are defined in the standard library and are discussed below:

• fgets( )
• fputs( )

These functions are used to read and write strings. Their syntax is:

int fputs(char *str, FILE *stream);
char *fgets(char *str, int num, FILE *stream);

The integer parameter in fgets( ) is used to indicate that at most num-1 characters are
to be read, terminating at end-of-file or end-of-line. The end-of-line character will be
placed in the string str before the string terminator, if it is read. If end-of-file is
encountered as the first character, EOF is returned, otherwise str is returned. The
fputs( ) function returns a non-negative number or EOF if unsuccessful.

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