Ques : Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Learning

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 Before we discuss about advantages and disadvantages of e-learning, you should know that e-learning is just another model for learning. It is not that it can replace all other forms of learning models. However, it provides several opportunities that may be of benefit for creating certain learning instances. Some of these opportunities are:

1. It allows possibilities of course material but that require constant support of a course team.

2. The level of participation of student in learning may improve as it provides anytime, anywhere learning, but in any case the student has to be motivated by the course team from time to time.

3. E-learning does improve the IT skills of individuals and may improve their time management skills.

4. The content like recorded lectures may be viewed by a student at any time, however, the interactive support that requires teacher at the other end may still be available in slotted time only

5. It allows you to measure student activities very easily, but beware too much of Applications II interference in student style of learning is not advisable.

6. E-learning gives flexibility in curriculum design and reuse of contents, however, he expert team has to work constantly to make that happen.

7. The general understanding of e-learning as cost effective mechanism is often misleading. Please note that first e-learning is about teaching-learning process. Any good teaching-learning process is rigorous and requires substantial costs.

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