Ques : Describe application of Edge Computing

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Edge computing has applications similar to fog computing due to its close proximity. Some of the applications are listed below.

  1. Gaming : Gaming's which require live streaming feed of the game depends upon latency. In this, edge servers are placed closed to the gamers to reduce latency.

2. Content Delivery
It allows caching of data like- web pages, videos near users in order to improve performance by delivering content fastly.

  1. Smart Homes
    IoT devices can collect data from around the house and process it. Response generated is secure and in real time as round-trip time is reduced. For example –response generated by Amazon’s Alexa

4. Patient monitoring
Edge devices present on the hospital site can process data generated from various monitoring devices like- temperature sensors, glucose monitors etc. Notifications can be generated to depict unusual trends and behaviors.

  1. Manufacturing
    Data collected in manufacturing industries through sensors can be processed in edge devices. Edge devices here can apply real time analytics and machine learning techniques for reporting production errors to improve quality.

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