Ques : Describe Monitor Resolutions

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 We have discussed about resolutions and vertical and horizontal refresh rates in the section on Video Cards. Let us refer to them from the monitor point of view. So, we have the following definitions (from the manual of a monitor available in the market):

Horizontal Frequency: The time to scan me line connecting the right edge to the left edge of the screen horizontally is called the horizontal cycle and the inverse number of the Horizontal cycle is called Horizontal Frequency. The unit is KH Kilo Hertz),

Verticals Frequency: Like a Fluorescent lamp, the screen has to repeat the same Image many times per second to display an image to the user, The frequency of this repetition is called Vertical Frequency or Refresh Rate.

If the resolution generated by the video card and the monitor resolution is properly matched, you get a good quality display. However, the actual resolution achieved is a physical quality of the monitor. In color systems, the resolution is limited by Convergence (Do the beam of the 3 colors converge exactly on the same dot? ) and the Dot Pitch. In monochrome monitors, the resolution is only limited by the highest frequency signals the monitor can handle.

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