Ques : Describe Cyber Crimes

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 Cyber crimes can be classified on the following basis:

Against Person

• Harassment via e-mails: Repeatedly sending abusive messages via email.

• Cyber stalking: Use internet to stalk someone like online harassment and
online abuse.
• Email spoofing: Emailing messages with a forged sender address.

• Unauthorized control/access over computer system.

• Publishing/transmitting of obscene material.

• Cyber defamation: causing injury to the reputation of a person with the help
of Internet by floating/publicizing negative messages.

• Cheating and fraud: Any deliberate deception for unfair or unlawful gain
online is fraud. Examples are no delivery of paid products purchased online,
misrepresentation of a product advertised for sale, and fraudulent promises
for investment in securities.

Against Property

• Transmitting virus.
• Computer vandalism: Malicious attack on the software, stealing information,
hacking or destroying the Computer.
• Unauthorized control/access of Computer system.
• Intellectual property crimes: Patent violations, copyright infringement,
trademark violations, etc.

Against Government/Corporate Entities
• Possession of information in an unauthorized manner.
• Cyber terrorism: Use of Internet for terror activities.
• Distribution of pirated software.

Against Society at Large
• Pornography.
• Polluting the youth through indecent exposure.
• Financial crimes.
• Sale of illegal articles like narcotics, weapons, etc.
• Online gambling.
• Forgery - Manipulations in mark sheets, currency notes etc with the use of
information technology.

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