Ques : Describe Data security and Data Management

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 Database security is necessary in the following situations:

 Theft and fraud
 Loss of availability of data
 Loss of confidentiality
 Loss of data privacy
 Loss of data integrity

The situations given above are the most likely to be exposed to date security threats and are
required to be protected so that the chances of losses in this regard can be significantly

It is noteworthy that these situations often cause cumulative losses due to inter dependencies
and hence a loss due to one situation can affect multiple areas in the same organization.

The purpose of data protection (also known as information privacy and data privacy) is to
define when and under what circumstances data can be safely put to use

Data management
The main aim of data management helps people and organizations for data to be used within
the boundaries of policies and regulations for the maximum benefit of these organizations
and businesses and therefore is very valuable as an intangible asset. Data management can be
achieved by the practice of collection, keeping and usage of data in a secure, efficient and
cost-efficient manner.

Therefore, efficient ways and means are sought by various organizations for data
management. The management of data is done through various platforms and include
databases, data analysis and more such tools like Microsoft SQL server, Google cloud,
Amazon web services, etc.

  1. Data management is the responsible stewardship of data throughout its lifecycle. There
    are five components to data management:
     Utilization
     Maintenance
     Access

 Protection
Effective data management requires appropriate acquisition, utilization, maintenance,
access, and protection of data. Data management depends on
information confidentiality and criticality.

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