Ques : Describe Native Internet Business Models

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 Business activities that have evolved in the Internet

environment and are native to it.

The following are some of the business models that fall into above mentioned category:

• Library Model: The web site that offers free information.

• Freeware Model: It provides free software (basic versions may be free) or
open worse software.

• Information Barter Model: Some Sort of exchange of information over the
Internet between individuals and organizations.

• Digital Products Model: Images, movies, animation, audio, text,
certificates and software will be available as products.

• Digital Delivery Model: Takes place when digital products are purchased.

• Access Provision Model: Provides access to Internet from enterprises
called Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

• Web site Hosting and Other Internet Services: Hosting web servers,
e-mail as well as URL and e-mail re-direction services.

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