Ques : Describe Problems in SRS

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 There are various features that make requirements analysis difficult. These are

discussed below:

  1. Complete requirements are difficult to uncover. In recent trends in engineering,
    the processes are automated and it is practically impossible to understand the
    complete set of requirements during the commencement of the project itself.
  2. Requirements are continuously generated. Defining the complete set of
    requirements in the starting is difficult. When the system is put under run, the new
    requirements are obtained and need to be added to the system. But, the project
    schedules are seldom adjusted to reflect these modifications. Otherwise, the
    development of software will never commence.
  3. The general trends among software developer shows that they have over
    dependence on CASE tools. Though these tools are good helping agents, over
    reliance on these Requirements Engineering Tools may create false requirements.
    Thus, the requirements corresponding to real system should be understood and
    only a realistic dependence on tools should be made.
  4. The software projects are generally given tight project schedules. Pressure is
    created from customer side to hurriedly complete the project. This normally cuts
    down the time of requirements analysis phase, which frequently lead to
  5. Requirements Engineering is communication intensive. Users and developers
    have different vocabularies, professional backgrounds and psychology. User
    writes specifications in natural language and developer usually demands precise
    and well-specified requirement.
  6. In present time, the software development is market driven having high
    commercial aspect. The software developed should be a general purpose one to
    satisfy anonymous customer, and then, it is customised to suit a particular
  7. The resources may not be enough to build software that fulfils all the customer‟s
    requirements. It is left to the customer to prioritise the requirements and develop
    software fulfilling important requirements.

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