Ques : Describe Types of Security

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 Information Technology (IT) Security – consists of following types:

  1. Application security,
  2. Computer security,
  3. Data security,
  4. Information security
  5. Network security

Application Security
Application security prevents attack and vulnerabilities on an application. This
application can be a mobile application or any other application such as web
application etc. The security of an application remains throughout its lifecycle from
initial phase to its running phase (or application phase) and on maintenance phase too.

Computer Security
Computer security is about securing a computer system (Desktop or Laptop etc) or a
host. This type of security ensures a computer virus free with the help of an anti-virus
software. Moreover, a computer should use genuine and updated software and
hardware. Also it should be protected with a password. This type of security is a form
of computer security.

Data Security
Data Security involves security of electronic data which is present on any hard-disks /
secondary storage either of computer system or on network, on server, etc. Such
security can be implemented by using passwords, cryptography (through encryption
and decryption), biometric authentication, or through access control list etc.

Information Security
Information Security is defined as protection of information and information
systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal,
inspection, recording or destruction. This involves security of electronic data which is
present on any database or file in any electronic memory. “Data Security” and
“Information Security” are used interchangeably and are almost similar.

Network Security
Network Security takes care of a network, its associated processes and aims to secure
it. This network can be an organizational/company internal network or any external
network. All data which is coming inside the network and going outside the network
is analyzed and monitored to keep the network danger free. Moreover, every process
which is part of the network is also monitored.

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