Ques : Requirements Gathering Tools

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The requirements gathering is an art. The person who gathers requirements should
have knowledge of what and when to gather information and by what resources. The
requirements are gathered regarding organisation, which include information
regarding its policies, objectives, and organisation structure, regarding user staff. It
includes the information regarding job function and their personal details, regarding
the functions of the organisation including information about work flow, work
schedules and working procedure.

The following four tools are primarily used for information gathering:

  1. Record review: A review of recorded documents of the organization is
    performed. Procedures, manuals, forms and books are reviewed to see format and
    functions of present system. The search time in this technique is more.

  1. On site observation: In case of real life systems, the actual site visit is performed
    to get a close look of system. It helps the analyst to detect the problems of existing
  1. Interview: A personal interaction with staff is performed to identify their
    requirements. It requires experience of arranging the interview, setting the stage,
    avoiding arguments and evaluating the outcome.

  1. Questionnaire: It is an effective tool which requires less effort and produces a
    written document about requirements. It examines a large number of respondents
    simultaneously and gets customized answers. It gives person sufficient time to
    answer the queries and give correct answers.

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