Ques : Describe General kinds of reports

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 Reports are not exclusive to the business field. Reports can be written on various

events, achievements, research findings, academic progress etc.

News Reports

When we talk of reporters, who are the people that come to mind immediately?
Newspaper reporters surely! We will start with these most common forms of public
reports and then proceed to business reports.

Newspapers post staff at different locations in the field to cover events. The news
gathered by reporters is selected and presented to readers in a way in which it will be
interesting and useful to them. Events happen all the time and in all places. The
reporters, the editors in the newspaper office and the readers decide what is

Activity 2
Read the following newspaper reports and identify the purpose of the reports:

A) Farmer electrocuted
A farmer was electrocuted at his field near his house at Gumma village in RR district
on Sunday. T. Ramesh (42) was trying to put off a transformer connection when he
got electrocuted, according to a police report.

B) Two-Day workshop on women’s health
St. Pious Degree and Postgraduate College for Women, Nagpur, conducted a two-day
workshop on ‘Healthy Women − A Step towards Healthy Society. Interaction with
Neighborhood on August 30 and 31.

The objective of the conference was to create awareness among women on dietary
habits and health. It attracted about 200 hundred women including faculty members
and students from various colleges of the city. Experts from the National Task Force
for Women in Science, NGOs and scientific bodies delivered lectures on Nutrition,
Health and Diet.

C) Restricting recurrence
Health: Stomach cancer and a common germ

Eradicating a common bacterium after stomach cancer surgery may reduce the
risk that cancer will recur, a new study reports.
The germ, Helicobacter pylori, is also a cause of peptic ulcer.

Japanese researchers studied 544 patients with early stomach cancer. After their
operations, half received an H. pylori eradication regimen, while the others
received standard care. The patients were followed with periodic examinations
over three years to see how many would develop recurrences.

The researchers found that 24 in the untreated group and nine in the treated
group developed new lesions.

After controlling for location and type of tumour, sex, age and other factors, the
researchers conclude that eradication of H. pylori reduced the risk of recurrence
by about 65%.

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