Ques : Digital Security : PROS & CONS

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 Digital security is a broader term which encompasses within itself protection of online identity data assets Technology with the use of various tools like software, Web Services, biometrics, firewalls, proxies, vulnerability scanner, instant message or telephone encryption tools etc. Digital security provides protection against cyber-attacks unauthorized access, online malicious activities etc.

The 3 pillars of digital security are

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability

The basic essence of these principles is that the information which is private should be shared
with the least amount of people to keep it more secure, the information provided should not
be modified or corrupted and lastly, that the information provided should work effectively
and efficiently at all times.

The OECD Recommendation and its companion documents were published in 2015 which
provides guidance for all stakeholders on cyber security aspects. The Organization for
Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) helps in facilitating information, data and
is progressing to eradicate poverty and inequality by bringing forefront solutions for the
benefit of the world. The OECD Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital
Economy (SPDE) develops public policy analysis and high-level recommendations to help
governments and other stakeholders to ensure that digital security and privacy protection
foster the development of the digital economy

Digital Security: Pros

 It helps in protecting personal information stored in devices.

 Suspicious or unauthorized access to devices can be blocked through digital security
and thus preventing possible harm.

 Security based on biometrics is capable of providing a higher degree of protection
against attacks as it's difficult to steal biometric information.

 Digital security enables oneself to fearlessly communicate, transact, work etc. in
online mode.

 Protects the computer from crashing or slowing down and thus protects business,
transactions, communication etc. happening over computer, network or system

 Digital security thus may help in fostering the economy of the State as it cuts down on
many costs.

Digital Security Cons

 Availing services or procuring tools for digital security can be a costly affair.
 Web services or tools may or may not be compatible with the device of the user.
 Digital security services or tools may be difficult to configure at times and needs to be
updated regularly
 Services or tools may slow down functioning of user’s device or at times may
intervene even normal functioning of another programmed

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