Ques : Describe designing online shopping E-commerce portal

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 • E-commerce vision and strategy: At this stage, the business team lays out the

vision and business objectives of online shopping portal application. They also do
the market and competitor surveys and defines the solution strategy. Business
teams also do awareness campaigns including the paid ads on search engines to
route the traffic, carries out seasonal campaigns and product banners, and creates
one-off microsites.

• Business and Architecture Strategy: At this stage, the business and technical
teams finalize the business flow, architecture principles and standards. It involves
defining key business processes, finalizing technology stack, etc.

• Development: E-commerce web store will be developed during this stage with all
commerce functionality. User experience development involves intuitive and
responsive site design along with friendly navigation aids and enhanced product
discoverability through search.

• Servicing. At this stage, the list of personalized services that are to be provided to
the customer such as customized look and feel, personalized content and product
recommendations, access to social communities and forums and multi-channel
support through live chat, email and phone are made. Online shopping application
also rewards customer loyalty through targeted promotion and discount campaigns.

• Operations: Involves regular site maintenance and upgrade activities. This stage
also ensures that application is accessible 24 x 7 and provides good response time
across geographies. Operations teams will also install code updates and software

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