Ques : Describe Security Concerns of the Client

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 Client security means privacy of the client and integrity of his Computer.

Active Content
Amongst various threats, active content is a major area of concern in client
security. Active content is the program embedded transparently in web pages
which can cause actions to occur. For example, display moving graphics,
download and play audio etc. It is used in e-commerce in the form of Java applets,
ActiveX controls etc. It creates security risk because malicious programs hidden
inside webpage can reveal and destroy the confidential and sensitive information
in the form of cookies. These cookies remember user names, passwords, etc. on the
client computers.

Virus, Worms and Trojan Horses

Another security issue that arises to client and his computer are the viruses, worms
and Trojan horses which can create havoc to the systems.

• Virus is a piece of software that is designed to replicate itself.by
copying itself into other programs stored in a computer which can
cause the program to operate incorrectly or corrupt the Computer's

• Worm is software that is capable of reproducing itself. It can also
spread from one computer to the next over a network.

• Trojan horse is a program that appears to have a useful function but
contains a hidden function which is harmful.

• These viruses can delete stored data or manipulate actual data.
Malicious software can damage the system and is a major threat


Another security concern is masquerading. Masquerading occurs when one person
uses the identity of another to gain access to a computer. This may be done in
person or remotely. For example, a perpetrator could pretend to be a particular
vendor and divert the payment to his own benefit. But, the customer himself could
assume a false identity and make an invalid payment which the dealer would not
actually receive

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