Ques : Describe Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

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 This document is generated as output of requirement analysis. The requirement

analysis involves obtaining a clear and thorough understanding of the product to be
developed. Thus, SRS should be consistent, correct, unambiguous & complete,
document. The developer of the system can prepare SRS after detailed communication
with the customer. An SRS clearly defines the following:

 External Interfaces of the system: They identify the information which is to flow
„from and to’ to the system.
 Functional and non-functional requirements of the system. They stand for the
finding of run time requirements.
 Design constraints:

The SRS outline is given below:

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Purpose
    1.2 Scope
    1.3 Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations
    1.4 References
    1.5 Overview
  2. Overall description
    2.1 Product perspective
    2.2 Product functions
    2.3 User characteristics
    2.4 Constraints
    2.5 Assumptions and dependencies
  3. Specific requirements
    3.1 External Interfaces
    3.2 Functional requirements
    3.3 Performance requirements
    3.4 Logical Database requirements
    3.5 Design Constraints
    3.6 Software system attributes
    3.7 Organizing the specific requirements
    3.8 Additional Comments
  4. Supporting information
    4.1 Table of contents and index
    4.2 Appendixes

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