Ques : Describe Syntax of Propositional logic

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 The syntax of propositional logic allows two types of sentences to represent

knowledge. The two types are as follows:

1- Atomic Propositions

These are simplest propositions containing a single proposition symbol and are
either true or false. Some of the examples of atomic propositions are as follows:

  1. “Venus is the closest planet to the Sun in the solar system” is an atomic
    preposition since it is a false fact.
  2. “7 – 3 = 4” is an atomic preposition as it is a true fact.

2- Compound Propositions

They are formed by a collection of atomic propositions joined with logical
connectives or logical operators. Some of the examples of compound
propositions are as follows:

  1. The Sun is very bright today and its very hot outside.
  2. Diana studies in class 8th and her school is in Karol Bagh.

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