Ques : How to Produce the PERT Diagram ?

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 (1) There is a single start and end event.

(2) Time flows from left to right (so does the numbering sequence).
(3) Events are given a unique number (activities then have a unique label i.e. head and
tail event numbers).
(4)The network can then be drawn taking into account the dependencies identified.
(5)Working from the start event forward, calculate the earliest times, setting the
earliest time of the first event to zero. Add the job duration time to the earliest
event time to arrive at the earliest time for. the successor event.
(6) Working from the finish event backwards, calculate the latest times. Set the latest
time to the earliest time for the finish event. Subtract job duration from the latest
time to obtain predecessor latest event times.
(7) Event slack is calculated by subtracting the earliest event time from the latest event
(8) Critical path (s) are obtained by joining the events with zero event slack.

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