Ques : What is advantages of Internet bookshops ?

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Some of the major advantages internet based bookshops are given below:

• These bookshops act as databases of a vast amount of information about
books currently available in the market. All Internet users can use these
databases and have knowledge of the same.

• Online bookshops are open 24 x 7. The access is available to anyone, at
any time, from anywhere. At a click, all information can be obtained at the
user system.

• User can take time in searching and selecting books.

• These bookshops are extremely useful to people looking for specific books.
Any book not available nearby can be obtained from any part of the
Counterworld by just ordering online thus avoiding long distance travel
and saving time.

• The huge list of publications in each subject or topic can be accessed easily.
Such Internet based bookshops also provide-the user to select the best and
latest literature.

• In most of the instances, there will be a discount on the price of the book

• Apart from above advantages, online bookshops also suffer from following

• Any delay in updating of database in detail such as edition, cost, etc will
create problems in identifying the correct book and payment thereof.

• Security issuer another concern while making payment online especially
through credit cards. Any site with unsecure server or without encryption
facilities may not provide a safe environment for online transactions.

• Some users may not have access to credit card facility, hence will not be
able to transact and purchase books online,

• Mostly, Internet based bookshops charge extra as packing and shipping
charges which burdens-the user with additional costs.

• As there is no physical inspection of the product by customer before
purchase, there is a risk of receiving book in a damaged condition.

• There may be abnormal delays in shipping.

• A book that is different from what is ordered may be shipped.

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