Ques : What is various steps of SSL handshake:

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 Ans :

1. SSL client attempts to connect to a SSL server (website secured with SSL)
by sending a client hello message.

  1. Web server responds with a server hello.
  2. Client requests web server to prove its identity.
  3. Web server sends a copy of its SSL certificate to authenticate its identity to
  4. Client verifies it. Accordingly, it sends a message to the server.
  5. If the server requires client authentication, it asks for "client certificate
  6. Then the client sends its certificate.
  7. SSL server verifies the signature on the client certificate.
  8. Client sends a digitally signed acknowledgement to start sharing.
  9. Server sends a digitally signed acknowledgement to start sharing.
  10. The data in encrypted form is shared between the server and browser and a
    secured session starts that protects message privacy, integrity and security.
    A secure session starts between server and client enabling data to be
    transmitted in encrypted form, thus ensuring privacy, integrity and security

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