A Multinational company has its sales offices in 100 different countries of the World. It uses a computer network to collect world- wise sale and order data at its head office. What kind of network the company should make for its sales offices and head office? Justifyyour answer

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For a multinational company with sales offices in 100 different countries collecting sales and order data from its branches worldwide, a Wide Area Network (WAN) would be the most suitable choice. Here's the justification for using a WAN in this scenario:

1. Geographical Dispersion: WANs are designed to connect devices and networks over large geographical distances, making them ideal for linking sales offices spread across different countries.

2. Global Connectivity: WANs provide the necessary infrastructure to establish connections between the company's headquarters (head office) and its remote sales offices situated globally. This allows for seamless communication and data transfer regardless of the physical location.

3. Centralized Data Management: Using a WAN, the company can centralize its data management processes. Sales and order data from all the offices can be collected, processed, and stored centrally at the head office, ensuring consistency and enabling comprehensive analysis.

4. Data Security: WANs typically incorporate robust security measures, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and encryption protocols, ensuring secure transmission of sensitive sales and order data over the network. This is crucial for maintaining data confidentiality and integrity.

5. Resource Sharing: WANs allow for resource sharing across the network, including printers, databases, and applications. This ensures that employees across different countries can collaborate effectively, share resources, and access centralized databases for real-time information.


6. Scalability: WANs can easily scale to accommodate the growing needs of the multinational company. As the company expands and opens new sales offices in additional countries, the WAN infrastructure can be extended to incorporate these new locations seamlessly.

7 Reliability: WANs are designed with redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure high availability and reliability. This ensures that even if one network link or office experiences issues, communication and data transfer can continue through alternative routes.

In summary, a Wide Area Network (WAN) is the most appropriate choice for a multinational company with sales offices in 100 different countries. It provides the necessary global connectivity, security, centralized data management, resource sharing, scalability, and reliability required to support the company's international operations effectively. 

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