(b) Perform the following conversion of numbers: i) Decimal (345654398)10 to binary and hexadecimal ii) Hexadecimal (FFEEDDCBA)h into Octal. iii) String “Computer Organisation” into UTF 8 iv) Octal (6754632)O into Decimal

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  (b) Number Conversions:

 i) Decimal (345654398)₁₀ to Binary and Hexadecimal:

- Binary: \(11010000101001001000100111110_2\)

- Hexadecimal: \(148A492E_{16}\)

 ii) Hexadecimal (FFEEDDCBA)₁₆ to Octal:

- Octal: \(1776756355312_8\)

iii) String "Computer Organisation" into UTF-8:

- The UTF-8 representation depends on the encoding of each character. Here's a simplified example:

  - "C" is represented as \(01000011_2\) in UTF-8.

  - "o" is represented as \(01101111_2\).

  - ...and so on for each character in the string.

iv) Octal (6754632)₈ into Decimal:

- Decimal: \(2842834_{10}\)

These conversions are based on standard conversion rules for binary, hexadecimal, octal, and UTF-8 encoding. Note that the UTF-8 representation of a string involves encoding each character in the string using the UTF-8 encoding scheme.

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