ii. How are the French different from the British, where ‘shaking hands’ is concerned?

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The French and British exhibit cultural differences in their approach to "shaking hands." In French culture, greetings often involve more physical contact and may include a light kiss on both cheeks, known as      "labise." This customary cheek-kissing gesture is a common way for the French to greet friends, family, and even acquaintances. However, it's important to note that the number of kisses can vary by region and personal relationships.

On the other hand, the British generally prefer a more formal and reserved approach to greetings, typically involving a handshake. Handshakes are a common and widely accepted form of greeting in professional and social settings in the UK. Unlike the French, the British tend to reserve physical expressions of affection for close friends and family, and handshakes are often the default greeting in both business and casual interactions.

Understanding these cultural differences is crucial when interacting with individuals from France or the UK. While a handshake may be seen as a standard and professional greeting in British culture, attempting a kiss on the cheek in the UK might be perceived as overly intimate. Cultural sensitivity and awareness contribute to effective communication and positive cross-cultural interactions. 

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