Use the phrasal verbs given in the box to complete the sentences given below: i. The phone’s ringing. Why don’t you -------------------- the receiver? ii. I’m afraid she isn’t available at the moment. Can you ----------- later? iii. Can you --------their number in the directory, please? iv. I’m afraid she’s with a client, shall I -----------you -------- to her secretary? v. Hello? Are you still there? I think we were ---------------for a moment. vi. Mr. Green never seems to be in his office. I’ve been trying to ---------to him all morning. vii. Could you -------------- for a moment? I’ll just find out for you. viii.If the telephonist says ‘Thanks you so much for calling’ and plays me that awful electronic music again, I’ll -------------. ix. If you get a wrong number, it’s polite to say ‘I’m sorry, I’ve dialed the wrong number’ before you --------------- x. If an American telephonist asks ‘Are you through?’, she wants to know if your call ------------

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 i. pick up

ii. call back

iii. look up

iv. put...through

v. cut off

vi. get through

vii. hold on

viii. hang up

ix. hang up

x. is connected

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