(c) Write and run a program using 8086 assembly language that compares the values. of AL and BL registers. In case AL is more than BL, then program clears BL register otherwise it clears AL register. You can move value '1100 1010' in AL, register and '1100 1000' in BL register, initially

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 Certainly! Here's an example of an 8086 assembly language program that compares the values of AL and BL registers. If AL is greater than BL, it clears the BL register; otherwise, it clears the AL register.


section .data

    value_al db 0CAh  ; '11001010' in binary

    value_bl db 0C8h  ; '11001000' in binary

section .text

    global _start


    mov al, [value_al]  ; Load the value into AL register

    mov bl, [value_bl]  ; Load the value into BL register

    cmp al, bl           ; Compare AL and BL

    jle clear_al         ; Jump to clear_al if AL <= BL

    mov bl, 0            ; Clear BL register

    jmp exit_program     ; Jump to exit_program


    mov al, 0            ; Clear AL register


    ; Add any additional code here if needed

    ; Exit the program

    mov eax, 1           ; System call number for sys_exit

    xor ebx, ebx         ; Exit code 0

    int 0x80             ; Call kernel


This program loads the values '11001010' and '11001000' into AL and BL registers, respectively. It then compares AL and BL and clears the appropriate register based on the result of the comparison. Replace the values in `value_al` and `value_bl` with your desired values. Compile and run the program using an assembler and linker, as explained in the previous response.

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