How can you calculate the capacity of a Winchester disk given its density and speed? A disk has 10 recording surfaces. Each surface has 2000 tracks, each track has 512 sectors and each sector can store 1MB of data. Calculate the capacity of this disk.

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 To calculate the capacity of the Winchester disk, you can follow these steps:

1. Calculate the capacity of one surface:


   Capacity per surface = Number of tracks × Number of sectors per track × Size of each sector


   Capacity per surface = 2000 tracks × 512 sectors/track × 1 MB/sector


   Capacity per surface = 1,024,000 MB = 1,024 GB

2. Calculate the total capacity of all surfaces:

   Total surface capacity = Capacity per surface × Number of recording surfaces


   Total surface capacity = 1,024 GB × 10 surfaces


   Total surface capacity = 10,240 GB or 10.24 TB

So, the capacity of the Winchester disk is 10.24 terabytes.

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