(i) All slides should use a common design template.

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 Certainly! When creating a presentation, it's essential to maintain a consistent and professional design across all slides. Here's a suggestion for a common design template:

Common Design Template:

Color Scheme:

- Use a cohesive color scheme that aligns with the theme of Linux. Consider using shades of blue, green, or grayscale to convey a technical and professional feel.


- Choose a clean and easily readable font. Sans-serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica are good choices for presentations. Ensure a consistent font size throughout the presentation.


- Keep the background consistent across all slides. You may use a subtle texture or a plain background color. Avoid distracting patterns or colors.


- Include a header with the presentation title, and a footer with your name and date on each slide. Maintain the same placement and font style for these elements.

Slide Layout:

- Use a clean layout with ample white space to avoid clutter. Position the main content in the center or to the left for a neat and organized look.


- If you include images or graphics, make sure they align with the overall design. Consider using Linux-related icons or logos to enhance the theme.

Slide Transitions:

- If using transitions between slides, maintain consistency. Choose a subtle transition that doesn't distract from the content.

Here's an example template for a title slide:

Title Slide:

- Background: Dark blue

- Title Font: White, bold, large

- Subtitle Font: Lighter blue, regular, smaller

- Header: Presentation Title

- Footer: Your Name, Date

Content Slide:

- Background: Light gray

- Title Font: Dark blue, bold

- Subtitle Font: Dark blue, regular

- Header: Presentation Title

- Footer: Your Name, Date

Feel free to adjust the design elements based on your preferences and the capabilities of your chosen presentation software. Consistency is key for a professional and polished presentation.

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