The special purpose registers, which are other than general purpose registers, are - Program Counter (PC), Memory Address Register (MAR), Data Register (DR) and Flag registers (FR). The first register among the general-purpose registers can be used as Accumulator Register. The size of Integer operands on the machine may be assumed to be equal to the size of the accumulator register. To execute instructions, the machine has another special register called Instruction Register (IR) of size 32 bits, as each instruction is of this size. Perform the following tasks for the machine. (Make and state suitable assumptions, if any.)

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(a) Calculation of Addressable Memory:

1. Calculate the Addressable Memory Size:

   - Addressable Memory = Number of Memory Words * Size of Memory Word

   - Addressable Memory = 64K * 16 bits = 1 Megabit (1 MB)

(b) General-Purpose Registers and Operand Size:

2. Determine the Number of General-Purpose Registers:

   - Given: 8 General-Purpose Registers

3. Determine Operand Size:

   - Operand Size = Size of Accumulator Register = 16 bits

(c) Instruction Format:

4. Determine the Size of Instruction:

   - Instruction Size = 32 bits

5. Calculate Operand Bits for Memory and Register:

   - Operand Bits = Instruction Size / 2 (for two operands)

   - Operand Bits = 32 / 2 = 16 bits each for memory and register operands

6. Calculate Operation Code Bits:

   - Operation Code Bits = Log2(Number of Operation Codes)

   - Operation Code Bits = Log2(128) = 7 bits

d) Special Purpose Registers:

7. Identify Special Purpose Registers:

   - Program Counter (PC), Memory Address Register (MAR), Data Register (DR), Flag Registers (FR), Instruction Register (IR)

e) Assumptions:

   - Assumed integer operand size to be the same as the size of the accumulator register.

   - Assumed that the first general-purpose register can be used as the Accumulator Register.

These calculations provide an overview of the machine's memory size, register configuration, instruction format, and special-purpose registers. Specific machine operations and functionalities would be determined by the actual instruction set architecture, which is not detailed in the provided information. 

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